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LEARN MORE was founded on the belief that those who do the most important work deserve the best technology. At, we recognize the value of personal freedom. We especially understand the importance of personal freedom for physicians. We may not be able to cure burnout, but our community can help to alleviate burnout. Physicians and hospitals can now enjoy the freedom to define their responsibilities on their own terms.


Just as parrots connect verbally when they get together in nature, we want our members to have the ability to connect with each other through an easy-to-use digital platform. Learning to how to use is as easy as a parrot learning to fly. 


At, our mission is to give specialty physicians their autonomy back by providing a simple and effective tool to have call obligations covered when there are other personal or business obligations that create a conflict. allows physicians to take back control over their schedules. Now, physicians have the freedom to work on their terms and hospitals have the opportunity to keep local, credentialed physicians caring for their patients.


Two leading causes of physician burnout are too many weekly work hours and a lack of autonomy. Specialty physicians are contracted to cover multiple on-call shifts every month. These shifts often add quality of life stress due to the unpredictability of call obligations, potentially late hours, and the burden of finding coverage when these shifts need to be changed or traded.

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