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Learn More is driven by the belief that geography should not determine the quality of healthcare. We connect hospitals with skilled clinicians who embody the intelligence, adaptability, and caring nature of parrots, ensuring every patient receives top-tier care irrespective of their location.

Our Mission

Founded on the principle that geographic location should not determine the quality of patient care, is committed to bridging the gap in healthcare accessibility. Our mission is to connect hospitals, especially in rural areas, with high-quality clinicians, ensuring every patient receives the best possible care regardless of their location. empowers clinicians by offering them control over their schedules and enabling fair compensation. This approach supports the well-being of healthcare professionals and gives hospitals access to high-quality clinicians. Our tech-enabled staffing solution simplifies this process, making it easier for hospitals to access the skilled care they need and for clinicians to find rewarding opportunities that align with their lifestyle and professional goals. We're not just providing a service; we're fostering a community where quality care is a universal standard, not a privilege.

Why the name ""?

We're often asked, "Why the name" Here are the three key characteristics of parrots that resonate most with our mission and values:

  • Intelligence: Parrots are known for their remarkable intelligence, a trait we see mirrored in our team of highly skilled technology experts and clinicians. This intelligence is fundamental to our mission of connecting hospitals with top-quality care, regardless of geographic location.

  • Adaptability: Parrots have a unique ability to mimic sounds and voices, reflecting our goal to empower clinicians to adapt and excel in various healthcare settings. This versatility is crucial in ensuring that all patients receive consistent, high-quality care, especially in rural areas.

  • Caring Nature: Parrots are often associated with a caring and nurturing demeanor. This trait aligns with our clinician members and hospital clients who prioritize the well-being and comfort of their patients. It underscores our belief that every patient deserves access to compassionate and competent healthcare.

These characteristics of parrots embody the essence of – intelligent, adaptable, and caring – as we work towards revolutionizing healthcare quality and accessibility.

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