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Why Parrot? Because you have the freedom to choose.

With, gain control over your schedule and enjoy the flexibility of working independently, free from the constraints of locums. Our platform connects you with opportunities to earn and make an impact where it's needed most.
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Hospital Shifts Where and When You Want

Imagine having the freedom to choose hospital shifts that fit your schedule, without the hassle of going through locums. With, you're just a tap away from a world of opportunities. Whether you're a full-time doctor looking to pick up extra shifts, an independent physician seeking to work on your own terms, or a healthcare professional eager to serve hospitals in need, offers an easy, simple, and effective solution.

Our platform is designed with the belief that geographic location should not define the quality of medical care. empowers you with the flexibility to work where you're needed most, when it suits you best. Just log in, browse available shifts with the tap of a finger, and pick what aligns with your expertise and schedule. It's healthcare staffing made easy. sell physician call assignments

Meet, a WIN-WIN-WIN solution


Hospital Wins

  • High quality care for any hospital

  • Significant cost savings vs. Locums companies

  • Recruiting relationships 

  • Hassle-free administration


Clinician Wins

  • Perfect opportunity for additional income

  • Provides the freedom and flexibility you deserve

  • Streamlined logistics - including communications, scheduling, and payment

  • Enables direct payments


Patient Wins

  • Parrot clinicians provide reliable, high-quality clinical care to your healthcare market Walkthrough
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Navigating combines high-tech efficiency with user-friendly design, making navigation straightforward and intuitive. Available on both smartphone and desktop, the app offers a cohesive experience with mirrored functionality, ensuring you can effortlessly switch between devices.

The app integrates smoothly into your existing workflow, allowing you to manage schedules, confirm appointments, and handle payments all in one place. With, viewing and posting open shifts is efficient and hassle-free.

We get shifts done.

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As an emergency physician, Parrot.MD is my locum solution.  The credentialing and onboarding process for multiple
hospitals was easy. A list of available shifts along with their rates appear on
my phone. Payment is a direct deposit. And no recruiters!

— John M.

The Parrot app is easy to use and intuitive.  The staff are friendly, professional and responsive.  Highly recommend this company.  

— Kari B.

Quotes are taken from actual clinician feedback.

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