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Tired of paying for expensive locums' coverage to fill your open shifts? is the first of its kind to offer an avenue to match local providers to your open shifts at a lower cost.



The team at knew something had to be done to care for the professionals who spend their lives caring for others. Our mission is to provide hospitals and physicians a unique technology solution to reduce cost and to return autonomy back to specialty physicians. We provide a simple and effective tool to manage call obligations, giving physicians and hospitals the freedom to define their responsibilities. was created for physicians by physicians.

Image by Jan Kopřiva

We often receive inquiries about why we named our company Parrot.
Here are the key reasons behind our choice:

1. Intelligence: Parrots are known for their remarkable intelligence, a quality we see reflected in our team of highly skilled technology experts and physicians.


2. Imitation: Parrots are adept at mimicking sounds and voices. Similarly, we strive to empower our physician members to meet and exceed the high expectations set for them.


3. Caring nature: Like the caring nature of parrots, our physician members and hospital clients prioritize the well-being and comfort of their patients.


4. Loyalty and dedication: Parrots are known for their loyalty and dedication, qualities that our customer support team embodies as they provide unwavering assistance to our valued customers.


5. Vibrancy: Parrots are renowned for their colorful plumage. This serves as a fitting representation of the diverse range of specialties that Parrot delivers to cater to the unique needs of our hospital clients.


We hope this sheds light on the rationale behind the name Parrot and how it aligns with our company values and objectives.


PARROT.MD is building a community - A community dedicated to the care of patients, but when "life happens," PARROT.MD is a solution for both hospitals and physicians.

PARROT.MD allows hospitals to keep their high-quality physician staff in front of those patients by motivating their credentialed local physicians to cover open shifts.

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