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Navigating Stripe

You will need to open a Stripe account as part of their signup process, this service is like Pay Pal and allows monies to exchange between clinicians. Validation is not complete until Stripe account is established. 

Add credit card

In order to post call assignments, we need a valid credit card on file. 

We use Stripe, an industry-leading payment processor to securely store your card information. 

Simply click "Bank Information" in the pending approval screen of the app to add your credit card.


Last step of the sign up process

In order to accept a call assignment and receive payment, you need to provide us with a little more information. 

As mentioned above, we use Stripe to securely manage your banking information. 

Add your credentials including your NPI number, specialty and password for your membership profile.

Simply click on "Merchant Account" where you will be directed to the Stripe page. After filling out brief information about yourself you will add your bank account information or a debit card.

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